Designing the Invisible

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(Originally Published on the USGBC Colorado Blog)

Tom Hootman, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Performance + Design Innovation Lead

I just made a bold career move.

After 20 years of developing a successful and rewarding career as a sustainable design architect I decided to reinvent myself as an engineer. For those that know me, the career change may not be too surprising. With degrees in both engineering and architecture, I have always been equally drawn to both technical ideas, and aesthetic and conceptual ideas. As an architect, I have developed a growing interest in performance-oriented design. This is design informed by simulation, analysis, and data to enhance the performance of the building. It is still very much design, but its more 'form follows flow', rather than 'form follows function.'

It turns out that the flows of energy, heat, air, water, light, and sound through a building offer a compelling opportunity to advance sustainable design. These very flows define building performance, but they also define the quality of the environment and the human sensory experience of a space. This is where the overarching objectives of sustainable design come together. This is where the environmental footprint meets environmental quality and innovations around human comfort and wellness. It can be tricky business because instead of focusing on tangible things like walls, windows, floors, and roofs, I am trying to tackle the intangible – designing the invisible.


Inspired by the possibilities, I realized that designing for the flows that comprise our sensory environment was going to take more technical resources than I had as an architect. So I turned to my engineering friends, who happen to be experts in the science and design of things like heat transfer and airflow. Speaking of my engineering friends, as an architect, I continued to see a market opportunity for MEP engineers to innovate around sustainable design. I was always seeking out the engineers that could come to the table with creative ideas, but also deliver on high performance. An interesting opportunity was forming.

In moving from architecture to engineering, I could help an engineering firm grow as a leader in sustainable design and innovation, and fill a growing need in the market. Joining MKK Consulting Engineers was a natural fit as they were already established leaders in high performance design, but with the drive and vision to take this leadership to the next level. I am excited about this entrepreneurial opportunity to be able to fully leverage my technical skills as well as my design and communication skills that I honed as an architect. I am also able to work as an architectural liaison, working on the engineering side to better integrate the team. My goal is to work collaboratively with architects early in design to help tune the architecture for low energy and high comfort. This is a big opportunity because the architecture largely pre-defines the outcome for human comfort and energy.


The integration of architecture and engineering should go beyond enabling high performance outcomes. I see my role as integrating the MEP solutions into the larger context of the architectural design by working to support the architect’s design concepts and vision. This is a huge creative opportunity as design tends to be dominated by the visual. As consultants, we can bring a new set of design opportunities to the table that are not only focused on performance, but also on the other senses and the whole human experience. It’s designing the invisible.


MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc Announces New Performance + Design Innovation Lead

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DENVER, (January 5, 2015) – MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK), a leading mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy services firm, announced the addition of Tom Hootman, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, as the Performance + Design Innovation Lead.

A true leader in innovative design, Tom Hootman, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, joins MKK with over 20 years’ experience in architecture and engineering. Tom’s specialty is the design and engineering of net zero energy buildings and communities, by providing strategic guidance and research. His role also included identifying upcoming trends in sustainability and forming strategic partnerships with local and national firms. Tom is the author of “Net Zero Energy Design: A Guide for Commercial Architecture”, published by Wiley in 2012, which offers no-nonsense strategies, step-by-step technical analysis, and valuable examples, in addition to developed case studies.

“We are very excited to have Tom join MKK,” says Kevin Pope, PE, QCxP, LEED AP, President/CEO. “We believe his background and expertise will further differentiate MKK as a leader in sustainable design and help us continue our push towards Net-Zero design.”

In his new role at MKK, Tom will be charged to advance MKK’s mission of “Consult More, Consume Less” and to progress its national leadership position around innovative problem solving, high performance engineering and sustainable design. With a degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Wyoming, Tom will shift his focus back to engineering and be an integral part of sustaining MKK’s client relationships.

With the addition of Tom, MKK will continue to offer the same great services for our clients, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy services.


MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc Announces Leadership Changes

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MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc Announces Leadership Changes
Kevin Pope named President, succeeds Stuart Monical

MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK), a leading mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy services firm, today announced several leadership changes throughout its organization, effective immediately.

Kevin Pope, PE, QCxP, LEED AP, who has served as the Branch Manager for the Billings, Montana office since 2009, has been named President and CEO of MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. Kevin takes over for Stuart Monical, PE, LEED AP, who will serve as President Advisor for the remainder of the year in order to facilitate the transition.

Stuart has been an integral part of the organization for over forty years, beginning as an engineer, and most recently serving as President for the past nine years. During his tenure with the company, it has grown from a small, local mechanical-only engineering firm to a multi-discipline, multi-office firm that offers a diverse portfolio of engineering and energy services.

“I am proud of where this company has come and what it has accomplished over the years. This could only have happened through the effort and hard work of our past and current staff. The success that has been achieved can only occur when you have a staff of committed and highly motivated individuals that come together and work to achieve a common goal. I know that MKK will continue to be successful and a leader in the consulting community and will continue to bring increased value through high quality and innovative designs to our current and future clients.” Stuart Monical, President Advisor.

Kevin Pope joined MKK Consulting Engineers in 1992 in the Cheyenne, Wyoming office as a Design Engineer, and in 1999 assisted MKK in the expansion to Billings, Montana. This office has had great success under his leadership and he has continued to help MKK’s dedication to clients and preserving the environment.

“We have been planning this succession for several years and believe that it will only enhance our clients’ experience. “ Kevin said, in regards to the leadership changes. “MKK will continue to provide exceptional performance and design to our clients and their projects. Our mission, to Consult More. Consume Less. will continue to reflect our commitment to being innovative consultants , while providing sustainable solutions.”

Kevin will continue leading the Billings, Montana office while overseeing operations of the entire company. MKK’s talented executive team including: Craig Watts, Director of Corporate Market Development; Ken Urbanek, Director of Engineering; Kay Riley, Director of Corporate Operations; Angie Huber, Denver Branch Manager; and Gregg Moon, Cheyenne Branch Manager, will assist Kevin in the management of MKK allowing him to continue to provide excellent customer service to his current and future clients.

About MKK Consulting Engineers:
Celebrating 55 years, MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) has been dedicated to exceptional performance, designing and engineering mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for new construction, renovations, and expansion projects in a variety of markets. MKK now also provides commissioning and energy audits. It serves clients throughout the United States from its headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and branch offices in Billings and Helena Montana, Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming, Dickinson, North Dakota, Salt Lake City, Utah and now, in Latin America.

MKK is a member of the United States Green Building Council and distinguishes itself with LEED Accredited Professionals to meet the growing demand for green and sustainable design strategies and practices.

Media contact:
Kimberly Robertson
MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Phone: 303.796.6020
Fax: 303.796.6099



MKK Consulting Engineers adds new staff members

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For Immediate Release

MKK Consulting Engineers Adds New Staff Members

Greenwood Village, CO, June 3, 2014 – MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) announces the addition of several new employees at both the Greenwood Village, CO and Cheyenne, WY offices.

New hires in the Greenwood Village office include Walker Jones (Senior Mechanical Engineer), Ami Patel (Office Coordinator), Bryce Buchanan (Energy Services Engineer), Vincent Castellano (Junior Mechanical Engineer), Jason Ridl (Electrical Designer), Sarah Hueschen (BIM Designer), Kelly Fitzgerald (Marketing Intern), Mark Joseph (Electrical Engineering Intern), Christopher Berry (Mechanical Engineering Intern), Jonathan Jensen (Mechanical Engineering Intern), and Madi Watts (Marketing Intern).

New hires in the Cheyenne office include Dave Konkel (Mechanical Engineer) and Karolyn Hopfensperger (Electrical Engineering Intern)

Walker Jones joined the MKK team as a Senior Mechanical Engineer. His degree is in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has 10 years of experience in building systems design which include HVAC and plumbing. He specializes in geothermal heat pump systems, sustainable design, and energy efficiency. His experience includes industrial, commercial, institutional, government, residential, and healthcare buildings. He is currently working on several institutional, hospitality, and commercial projects.

Ami Patel was brought on to the MKK’s team as an Office Coordinator. She brings 8 years’ experience in project coordination and office management. Her degree is in Microbiology and Medical Technology from Cal Poly Pomona University. In addition, Ami holds a Project Management Certification from the University of California, Berkeley.

Bryce Buchanan joined MKK as an Energy Services Engineer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering specializing in building systems from the University of Colorado, Boulder, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Washington University, St. Louis. He brings three years’ experience in performing retro-commissioning, commissioning, energy auditing, and energy modeling work. He specializes in performing energy savings calculations and analyses. He is currently working on retro-commissioning and commissioning projects throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Vincent Castellano joined the MKK team as a Junior Mechanical Engineer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, an Associate’s of Applied Science Degree, and technical college certificates in manual machining, computer aided machining, and computer numerical control machining. His experience includes machinist and manufacturing engineering. He specializes in manufacturing and process control. He is currently working on the Aspen Health Club Renovation and Town Homes and Digital Globe.

Jason Ridl came onto the MKK team as an Electrical Designer. He Graduated from Denver Institute of Technology with Associate of Applied Science Computer-Aided Architectural Drafting and has been working in the electrical field as a consultant for over 18 years. He is currently working on multiple Tenant Finish projects along with the Aspen Health Club Renovation and Town Homes project.

Sarah Hueschen joined MKK as a BIM Designer. She holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree from Southeast Community College in Milford, NE. She has over 8 years’ experience in the fields of healthcare and restaurant design and over two years’ experience in designing high-rise buildings and commercial offices. She is currently working on education, mission critical, and hospitality projects.

Dave Konkel was brought on to the MKK team as a Mechanical Engineer. He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy, English Literature, and Physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has over 47 years’ experience in Mechanical Engineering and specializes in building mechanical systems. He is currently working on a municipal project in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

MKK also has six interns joining the firm for the summer. Kelly Fitzgerald (Marketing Intern) is currently studying Advertising at the University of Colorado, Boulder and will graduate in May 2015. Mark Joseph (Mechanical Engineering Intern) is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. Christopher Berry (Mechanical Engineering Intern) is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University. Jonathan Jensen (Mechanical Engineering Intern) is pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering as well as a minor in Energy Systems. He is anticipating graduating in December 2014. Madi Watts (Marketing Intern) is an upcoming senior at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora, Colorado.

In our Cheyenne office, Karolyn Hopfensperger is a returning Electrical Engineering intern. She is pursuing her degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming and will be entering her senior year in the fall of 2014.

Our interns work on real projects and are mentored by MKK team leaders, project managers, and engineering consultants to get the true feel for what the life of an engineering consultant or marketer is like. Interns are assigned to client projects and given responsibility for portions of the work that are commensurate with the intern's interest and focus area, college coursework, knowledge and skills. They participate in project meetings and interact with project team members in order to experience the day-to-day work of professional consultants. The work offers opportunities for interaction with MKK principals and associates as well as project managers. Interns can also participate in various training sessions to gain additional knowledge, site visits to see the fruition of our consulting efforts, and company social events to get to know the people they may one day work with.

About MKK
Celebrating 55 years, MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) has been dedicated to exceptional performance, designing and engineering mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for new construction, renovations, and expansion projects in a variety of markets. MKK now also provides commissioning and energy audits. It serves clients throughout the United States from its headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and branch offices in Billings, Montana, Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming, Dickinson, North Dakota, Salt Lake City, Utah and now, in Latin America.

MKK is a member of the United States Green Building Council and distinguishes itself with LEED Accredited Professionals to meet the growing demand for green and sustainable design strategies and practices.


Join Us at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Green Conference - April 17-18

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As Union Station, and some of Denver’s most exciting sustainable projects set to open to the public this season, the Rocky Mountain region’s leading green building providers will come together next Thursday, April 17, and Friday, April 18, for a summit on green innovations in the built environment.

The two-day conference will explore issues ranging from net zero energy and tactical urbanism to how to best take advantage of emerging green building economic opportunities. Friday’s program will offer several onsite tours of sustainable trailblazers, such as Lamar Station Crossing, Highland Park, and the History Colorado Center.

“MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc is very excited to host the History Colorado Center tour on Friday [April 18]. The Center is one of our showcase projects that we designed a few years ago, and getting to show off all of its energy efficient features is really fun for us. The LEED Gold certified project is not only stunning to visit, but emits very low energy,” said Kim Robertson, Senior Marketing Manager, MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. “MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. creates system designs for the ‘built environment’ that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. We realize that sustainable design is not only good business: it's the right thing to do. We have worked on numerous LEED projects, helping our clients and the environment.”

With 124 LEED certified projects in 2013 and over 8 million square feet of LEED space certified, Colorado ranks No. 8 in the United States in LEED-certified spaces. “The Rocky Mountain Green Conference is very beneficial in teaching people about the importance of localized renewable energy. The Rocky Mountain Region has always been a pioneer. We thrive on that entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time, we understand that lasting change is best made collaboratively. This year’s conference will bring together renewable energy, green building, and localized leaders and stakeholders representing a full spectrum of energy project development to continue the conversation about how we responsibly develop the emerging energy industry. It’s very effective in making people aware of renewable sources of energy and clear their misconnection about the same. The Rocky Mountain Green Conference is also an excellent opportunity to discuss the importance of LEED certification. Each one of Douglass Colony Group’s sales staff are LEED accredited,” remarked MaryJo Chenoy, Marketing Director, Douglass Colony Group Inc.
The Centennial State continues to be a leader in American made manufacturing, and many USGBC Colorado members who manufacture within the state will participate in the conference. “As a local green technology manufacturer and USGBC Colorado chapter member, Coolerado is thrilled to participate in and be a sponsor for this year’s Rocky Mountain Green conference," stated Matthew Cocking, project manager for Coolerado and certified LEED AP BD+C. "The USGBC Colorado chapter does a tremendous job of bringing engineers, architects, contractors and equipment manufacturers together for this conference to support education and stewardship of sustainable building practices. This is a great opportunity for Coolerado to interact with local green building design professionals and to promote the value our equipment can add to projects considering LEED certification.”

From net-zero energy homes to green roofs and storm water systems, Rocky Mountain Green will cover many aspects of sustainable construction. “Our company is a local representative for manufacturers that are trailblazers of various green products in the plumbing and mechanical industry. We believe that this conference offers a unique platform to spotlight these products to a collection of the best of the best in Colorado’s construction industry. The designers and contractors that attend this conference have a shared interest in understanding, specifying and installing products that have a better impact on our environment,” said Tim McKey, General Manager, Priest Zimmerman, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Green will also feature RMG Happy Hour networking event, open to attendees, even if they can’t attend the entire conference. “At the Rocky Mountain Green conference, I always meet more of the most talented and creative people in the region,” noted Ed Bush, Pavement Resource Manager, Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association. “Learning new ways to reduce our environmental impact is one of the keys to long-term success in today’s business environment. Asphalt is already the most recycled product in the U.S., but we want to become even more sustainable as an industry and help others do the same by creating innovative, sustainable products such as warm-mix technology and porous asphalt pavement that respond to the community’s needs.”

“Kiewit is known for its quality. As a leader in the construction and commissioning industry, Kiewit actively supports opportunities like Rocky Mountain Green which works to make a positive impact in the environmental, social and financial environments. I’m particularly looking forward to the interaction with industry professionals and partners,” said Darin Rose, Facilities Services Manager, Kiewit.

In conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Green 2014 Conference, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Colorado Chapter will host a media availability with industry leaders from Colorado Energy Office, Denver Mayor’s Office, NREL, Xcel Energy, Denver Water, M.A. Mortenson Company, The Weidt Group and USGBC Colorado Board of Directors to explore pressing green building issues from net zero energy to tactical urbanism and beyond on Thursday, April 17 at 8:00am MT (dial in option available). For more information on the conference or to register, visit



Tackling Energy Consumption within the Existing Built Environment

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Tackling Energy Consumption within the Existing Built Environment 
Energy Audits and Re-Commissioning

Ken Urbanek , Director of Engineering
MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc., Denver

In terms of energy consumption, our current building stock accounts for 47.6% of all the energy consumed in the U.S. and 74.9% of all of the electricity produced in the U.S. These are staggering terms. It has been said that approximately 70% of the building stock that designers will touch in our working careers has already been built. This means that in order to tackle a significant reduction in our current energy consumption, thus reductions in CO2 emissions and a reduction in fossil fuel use, those of us within the industry must focus a large portion of our attention to the existing built environment. The good news is that over these next 20 years, the built environment community will have the chance to tune-up, renovate, upgrade and make major improvements to the energy use of these existing buildings.

First and foremost, the current building operation should be thoroughly reviewed through an energy audit and/or re-commissioning process. Once the results of these investigations are completed, it may be determined that more capital intensive improvements to fix major systems deficiencies are required.

When it comes to reducing building systems energy, the first step should always be to thoroughly review the building as it is currently operating. Hiring a professional energy services engineer to conduct a thorough ASHRAE type Energy Audit is recommended as it will detail specific energy uses within your building. ASHRAE has three classifications of energy audit efforts: Level 1 – Walk-Through Analysis, Level 2 – Energy Survey Analysis, and Level 3 – Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications. Through discussions with your professional along with analysis of available utility rebates to implement can be determined. These audits are the first step towards identifying energy efficiency measures (EEM) that can be implemented to reduce operational costs in the future.

If a thorough ASHRAE type Energy Audit cannot be performed, at a minimum, an in-depth due diligence can be another option to consider. The due diligence process relies on your professionals experience and judgment to make recommendations for building improvements through a shortened building review process.

One common EEM that comes from the audit process is to hire a commissioning professional to implement a building re-commissioning effort. Re-commissioning focuses on providing a thorough tune-up for the building systems that are already in place. This optimization process can often account for a 20% reduction of current energy costs by addressing and fixing low to no cost problems.
Both energy audits and re-commissioning can start to development more enhanced EEMs that start to tackle existing systems deficiencies.

All of the costs associated with the methods of energy reduction noted here (audits and re-commissioning) can be partially offset through rebates provided by most local utilities. These rebates can often provide enough incentive to push a project forward vs. it not moving at all. Be sure to review these closely with the utility to ensure that the rebates are maximized.

When it comes time to reduce energy costs, start by getting a good understanding of the existing building through an audit and address the low hanging fruit by optimizing the existing systems through re-commissioning. With a team of professionals on your side, you too, can help drive energy efficiency in today’s existing buildings over the next 10 to 20 years.



MKK Consulting Engineers Adds Two New Associates

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2014 Associate Promotions

MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) announces the addition of two new associates.

Wade Johnson, in our Greenwood Village office (Senior Mechanical Engineer) and Chris Drake, in our Helena office (Project Manager/Mechanical Engineer) were recently promoted to this ownership position within the firm.

Wade Johnson joined MKK in 2012 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer. As a LEED Accredited Professional, Wade has been working in the industry for well over a decade. Recently, he has worked on various projects throughout the region including 1st and Steele, Aspen Health Club, Loveland Service Center, and the Denver Art Museum Administration Building. Wade attended the University of Wyoming, graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering.

Chris Drake joined MKK in 2005 as a Mechanical Engineer and opened the Helena, Montana office in 2012. During MKK’s two-year tenure in Helena, Chris has been involved in several great projects in western Montana including the Lewis and Clark Cooperative Health Center remodel, Montana Health Association new office building and is currently designing the new Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder office building.


Another LEED Platinum Building Under Our Belts!

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This time, Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County (Red Lodge, MT) has achieved the first LEED Platinum building in Montana under the v2009 standards. The building expansion includes a photovoltaic system on the roof, solar power, and radiant-floor heating, yet did not increase the utility costs to the club, despite the space being tripled.

MKK not only provided Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering, we also provided Commissioning services for the project, in collaboration with High Plains Architects.

For more information about this project achieving the LEED Platinum status, read the Billings Gazette article.


USGBC Colorado Green Schools Summit - Integrating Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in High Performance Schools

Posted October 29, 2013 (permalink)

USGBC Colorado Green Schools Summit

Integrating Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in High Performance Schools

Craig Watts, together with Colorado Springs School District 11's Neil Case and Major Engineering's Jack Major will present "Integrating Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in High Performance Schools" at this year's USGBC Colorado Green Schools Summit on November 8, 2013. The 7th Annual Green Schools Summit provides a unique opportunity for open dialogue between K-12 stakeholders, policy makers, and the green building industry professionals. This session on geothermal heating and cooling systems in schools provides will highlight the benefits and fundamental elements that must be considered when evaluating this option for schools. In fact, over 40 academic institutions across the state, from elementary schools to universities, use GHC and the number grows each year. Case studies will validate the economic and environmental value of this renewable thermal energy HVAC technology.

Join Craig, Neil and Jack at this session at 1:15pm on Friday, November 8. To view more information about this session, or for further information about this conference, please visit the USGBC Colorado website.


The Northern Hotel To Receive Historic Preservation Excellence Award

Posted October 16, 2013 (permalink)


Northern Hotel, a Billings, MT landmark hotel, recently underwent a significant renovation, with the help of A&E Architects, Langlas & Associates (general contractor), and MKK Consulting Engineers. The project resulted in being honored by the Montana Preservation Alliance's 2013 Historical Preservation Excellence Award.

From TheBillings Gazette:

The winners of the 2013 Historic Preservation Excellence Awards will be honored Oct. 24 when the Montana Preservation Alliance holds its annual meeting at the Northern Hotel in downtown Billings.

Among the winners, appropriately enough, will be brothers Mike and Chris Nelson, who restored the landmark hotel, and Langlas & Associates, the contractor that managed to complete the complex rehabilitation project in just over a year.

"I'm just really happy for the Northern," said Mike Nelson, general manager of the hotel. "These kinds of things are a big honor."

Christine Brown, outreach and education director for the Montana Preservation Alliance, said this will be the first time the organization has had it annual meeting in Billings.

The alliance annually honors people "who have made great strides to save and protect Montana's special historic buildings and places," according to an MPA press release.

The Nelsons were chosen for their efforts to restore the Northern Hotel, which they purchased at auction in 2009, three years after it had been padlocked.

As the MPA says in its statement, the Nelsons had trouble finding conventional financing during an economic downturn and ended up using their own money to begin demolishing the hotel interior.

When financing did become available in 2011, the release said, "they gave the job to Langlas & Associates. Langlas had just 385 days to redo the entire 160-room hotel (and) build two restaurants and a catering kitchen."

The alliance also lauded the Nelsons for honoring the history of the Northern with a restored neon sign, a lobby that combines modern furnishings with an art deco sensibility, the 1940s-inspired TEN restaurant and the 1950s-style Bernie's Diner.

"Above and beyond the rehabilitation of the building, the Nelsons also went the extra mile to nominate the Northern for listing in the National Register of Historic Places," the alliance said. Last June, three months after the hotel reopened, the Northern was officially listed in the register.


Kim Robertson to Present on Social Media at Upcoming Regional Conference

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Kim Robertson, Senior Marketing Manager, to Present on Social Media at Upcoming Regional Conference

Kim Robertson, will be a guest speaker next week at the Society for Marketing Professional (SMPS) Southwest Regional Conference, in Denver. The conference, which gathers marketers and business developers from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, is a great educational and networking opportunity for industry professionals.

Kim will be co-presenting with Holly Bolton, FSMPS, CPSM, the Director of Marketing at CE Solutions (Indianapolis, IN), and a nationally recognized speaker on social and digital media. Their presentation, “The Social Media Trifecta – Taking the Three Major Platforms to New Heights” will be on Friday, October 4. The topic will focus on helping firms select the right social media platforms for their media campaigns and properly using the platforms to communicate with and engage their clients. Session attendees will learn how to strategically set-up and optimize their social media presence to put their best foot forward.

With over 10 years’ experience in marketing and client relations, Kim is MKK's Senior Marketing Manager, where she leads the firm’s marketing initiatives as well as assists with media and client relations.


ENR Mountain States 2013 Best Projects Awarded

Posted September 15, 2013 (permalink)

MKK is Fortunate to be a Part of Three Winning Teams of the ENR Mountain States 2013 Best Projects Awards

MKK recently was recognized as part of three winning teams in the ENR Mountain States 2013 Best Projects Awards. A panel of eight judges from all areas of the industry - architects, GCs and engineers - selected winners in various categories as well as merit winners where they thought projects were of similar quality. As the 13th year of competition, the awards are split into two areas (Intermountain and Colorado) to correspond with their respective award events, to be presented later this fall.

The projects that MKK was a part of included:

We are excited to be recognized along with the design teams at the awards events in October. For more information regarding these and other winners, visit ENR's website.


*A member of MKK's staff worked on this project at a previous firm.


DigitalGlobe Announces Colorado Site Consolidation and Headquarters Relocation to Broomfield, Colorado

Posted September 01, 2013 (permalink)

MKK is Excited to be the Choice MEP Consultant for the New Corporate Campus

DigitalGlobe, a leading provider of commercial high-resolution earth observation and advanced geospatial solutions, recently announced its intention to relocate its global headquarters from Longmont, Colorado to the North Park development in Broomfield, Colorado in mid-2015.

The new campus will be constructed by Opus Development Company, LLC, designed by RNL Design, with real estate and project management services by Cresa Denver. MKK, a proven leader in data center and commercial office design will be performing mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services. For more information about this project, please visit DigitalGlobe's website.


Xcel Energy's Newest EDA Program Provider

Posted August 01, 2013 (permalink)

Now offering comprehensive energy analysis on new and renovation construction projects at no-cost to you

MKK Consulting Engineers (MKK) is proud to announce its participation as a Colorado Xcel Energy Open Energy Design Assistance (EDA) Program provider. The EDA program provides energy modeling, funding to offset the cost of design, and financial incentives to improve energy-efficiency in buildings 20,000 S.F. and larger. MKK provides comprehensive, customized energy analysis on new and renovation construction projects at no cost to you.

With over 50 years of energy efficiency experience, MKK is the right choice for Energy Design Assistance. Members of our energy services staff are certified as:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Certified Energy Managers
  • Building Energy Modeling Professionals
  • Qualified Commissioning Process Professionals
  • LEED Accredited Professionals

By carrying certifications in energy modeling and commissioning and continuing education on current trends, our staff can provide valuable recommendations to your project.

Basic Energy Design Assistance

Ideal for projects with energy savings goals in mind and enough time to integrate new ideas and strategies into their design.

  • Minimum Project Size: 20,000 S. F.
  • Timing:Schematic or Early Design Development
  • Energy Savings Required Over a Merely Code-Compliant design: Minimum 15% electric energy demand savings reduction; 15% minimum gas savings reduction
  • Registration Requirements: N/A
  • Rebates: $400 per kW; $0.04 kWh and $4 per Dth
  • Basic Services:
    • Energy modeling results for efficiency strategies (selected by Owner/Design Team)
    • Review of Construction Documents for strategy inclusion
    • Site Verification
    • Monitor select installation strategies

Enhanced Energy Design Assistance

Ideal for projects with extensive energy savings goals looking to meet green certifications. Projects would begin with review of energy goals in preliminary designs and be willing to look outside traditional approaches to energy savings.

  • Minimum Project Size: 20,000 S. F.
  • Timing:Pre-Design or Early Schematic Development
  • Energy Savings Required Over a Merely Code-Compliant Design: Minimum 30% electric energy demand savings reduction; 30% minimum gas savings reduction
  • Registration Requirements: Must be registered with 3rd party verification program (LEED, Green Globes, Energy Star, etc)
  • Rebates: $400 per kW; $0.04 kWh and $4 per Dth
  • Enhanced Services:
    • Basic Services (above)
    • Early energy modeling
    • Support of green building certifications
    • Daylighting Analysis
    • HVAC Analysis
    • Massing

MKK will provide solutions that achieve a significant, sustained return on investment. Regardless of your project’s goals, MKK will personalize strategies and work with you to save on energy bills.



Join us at the AIA Denver Golf Tournament This Monday

Posted July 10, 2013 (permalink)

Get your plaid and polka dots ready to go, because MKK Consulting Engineers will be at the SOLD OUT 21st Annual AIA Denver Golf Tournament on Monday, July 15th. Hosted at the Legacy Ridge Golf Course in Westminster, members of the MKK staff will be donning their best golf attire to sponsor a tent on the 16th Hole as well as play in a foursome. So stop by and say hello, but don’t bogey your shot into our tent.




Mitsubishi Electric "Interview with an Engineer" features MKK's Ken Urbanek

Posted July 01, 2013 (permalink)

From Mitsubishi Electric's "Interview with an Engineer" Summer 2013 Article:


VRF Zoning Technology Obvious Choice for Historic, Residential Projects

Engineering design and consulting firmMKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK)has been designing and engineering mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for new construction, renovations and expansions since 1959. MKK has completed engineering projects in the contiguous U.S., Alaska and Antarctica, as well as an assignment at the summit of 14,000-foot Pikes Peak in Colorado. Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division interviewed Ken Urbanek, associate director of engineering at MKK, about the Greenwood Village, Colo., firm’s experience with Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI VRF zoning systems.

Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division (ME): Why did you initially specify Mitsubishi Electric VRF [Variable Refrigerant Flow] zoning systems?

Ken Urbanek (KU): After Mitsubishi Electric representatives in the Denver metro area first presented the system to us, it was a couple of years before we found a project we felt it would be suited for. We knew it would have to be a project with a client who was both looking to improve energy efficiency and willing to look at new technology. One of the first was for some barracks at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Not only did VRF supply what the U.S. Corps of Engineers was looking for in its energy-efficiency goals, but it also lent itself to that type of dormitory environment, which had very specific zoning and needed individual temperature controls in each room.

ME: Have you recommended VRF zoning systems for non-residential projects as well?

KU: For a project with theDenver Department of Human Services,we worked on a two-story, 50,000-square-foot office building that was a unique opportunity. The client, an architect, is well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to energy goals.

ME: On that project, you used VRF technology in conjunction with another heating and cooling system.

KU: We used VRF systems for air distribution in all of the building’s open office spaces. But for the high-cooling loads in the computer and utility rooms, we used an integrated building technology called Under Floor Air Distribution, or UFAD. We had planned to use this UFAD for the whole project, because it lends itself well to the office environment — with a bunch of cubicles everywhere and a diffuser on the floor under each work station so each person can increase or decrease the airflow. The problem with UFAD, though, is that it’s relatively neutral air — not super cool or warm — so it’s not adaptable to extreme weather conditions. So the guy sitting in a cubicle can make himself comfortable, but someone with an office where sun beats on the windows, even in the winter, will be hot. We placed the VRF system along the building’s perimeter, so the heating and cooling in those spaces works independently of the under-floor system.

ME: Can you give us an example of a time when you chose a VRF zoning system instead of an alternative?

KU: We have selected the VRF system instead of geothermal at times. One example: We used VRF at a large maintenance facility for some of the new commuter trains that will be coming to Denver. It’s a big, four-story building with a lot of offices on the top floor. We wanted to go for LEED certification, so we looked at geothermal, but there was no space for a loop field, and we could get comparable energy efficiency with the VRF system.

ME: In what specific applications is a VRF zoning system the obvious choice?

KU: For a retrofit of an existing historical building, the VRF system lends itself well to squeezing equipment into small systems. Same goes for hotel rooms and residential apartments, and for administrative buildings with a lot of offices. We’ll start working on a 130-year-old historical building soon, and we’re recommending VRF because the system doesn’t need a boiler room, and it doesn’t need a chiller that needs a lot of maintenance.

ME: What advice would you give to an engineer who is thinking about using VRF zoning technology for the first time?

KU: Two things. First, do your due diligence. Several companies make VRF systems, but not all of their reps have the experience to really educate you about them and help you use them. Mitsubishi Electric has a very thick engineering manual. Find a rep to deal with who knows what that book says. Make sure he knows his stuff. And get to know these systems yourself. ASHRAE’s 2012 handbook also devotes a lot of space to VRF systems. It’s a great write-up. Second, let that rep help you. At MKK, we take a performance-based specification approach. We lay out where we want the terminals, how many, what the capacity of each one will be and how the refrigerant lines are put together. Then, we do a performance-based assessment with Mitsubishi Electric to make sure we’re leading the client in the right direction. That works out well.


MKK Hosts 2013 Bike to Work Day Breakfast Station

Posted June 28, 2013 (permalink)

Members of the MKK Denver staff woke up bright and early on Wednesday, June 26th to participate in their first ever Bike to Work Day. This annual event, promoted by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), is designed to get people to try their bikes for transportation, serving as a catalyst for them to use this alternative on a consistent basis to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

As a company, MKK promotes “Consult More. Consume Less.” to find sustainable solutions for our projects and to be environmentally responsible in the choices we make. By participating in the annual Bike to Work Day, the staff was encouraged to bicycle to work to reduce their carbon footprint, and encouraged other individuals with the promise of water and breakfast.


MKK Consulting Engineers Welcomes 6 New Staff Members in the Greenwood Village Office

Posted June 07, 2013 (permalink)

MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. announces the addition of several new employees to the Greenwood Village office.

New hires in the Greenwood Village office include Kim Robertson (Senior Marketing Manager), Jennifer Kate (Corporate Marketing Coordinator), Dale Eismueller (Mechanical Engineer), James Bonner (Receptionist), Emily Tucker (Marketing Summer Intern), and Ryan Whitted (Mechanical Engineering Intern).

Kim Robertson joined the MKK team in May as the Senior Marketing Manager. She has been working in the A/E/C industry for over ten years and has previous experience as a marketing manager for a landscape architecture firm. She is responsible for the firm’s marketing efforts across all six branch offices.

Jennifer Kane was recently brought on to MKK’s team as their Corporate Marketing Coordinator responsible for the development and production of proposals. She brings two years’ of industry experience in addition to over ten years in customer service and public relations. Jennifer attended Boston Reed College in San Luis Obispo, California, graduating in 2006.

Dale Eismueller is returning to MKK as a Mechanical Engineer. His degree is in Architectural Engineering with a specialty in environmental systems from Milwaukee School of Engineering. He has 12 years’ experience in the building systems design which include HVAC, fire protection, plumbing, forensics, operation, maintenance, controls, plumbing, mechanical, process, and other systems. His experience includes commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. He has had a well-rounded career which included consulting design engineer, forensics for building systems, mechanical contractor and technician.

James Bonner joined MKK as a Receptionist in April. He has over three years’ experience as an Administrative Assistant and an additional five years in sales. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing at the University of Colorado Denver.

MKK also has two interns joining the firm for the summer. Emily Tucker is an intern in the marketing department. She is currently studying Public Relations and Business at Colorado State University and will graduate in December. Ryan Whitted, a Mechanical Engineering intern, is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree, focused in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado - Boulder. He received his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville.


Multiple MKK Projects Receive Industry Accolades

Posted December 06, 2012 (permalink)

Six projects using MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. design teams have received industry accolades this year: History Colorado Center, Denver Department of Human Services Eastside Building, Google Boulder Phase II, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Denver Central Platte Campus, and the Denver County Jail housing project.

Two of the four projects earned multiple awards. History Colorado Center took home an ENR Mountain States “Best Projects” award, and several AGC Colorado awards. These included the Silver “Best Building Project ($6-$10 Million) SUB” (awarded to RK Mechanical), Jack Mincher People’s Choice, and Silver “Best Building Project (over $70 Million) General” (awarded to Hensel Phelps). MKK proudly accepted an ACEC Engineering Excellence award for the Denver Human Services Eastside Building, while our design and construction partners received an AIA Colorado Merit Award for Built Architecture (awarded to RNL) and the AGC Colorado Bronze “Contribution to the Community” award (awarded to Kiewit).

Numerous awards were also bestowed on our design and construction partners. The Denver County Jail housing project won AGC Colorado’s Silver “Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job (SUB)” which was awarded to Duro Electric, and ENR Mountain States named Google Boulder Phase II in their “Best Projects” category. Tryba Architects was given an Honor Award for Built Architecture for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and RNL received a Merit Award for Built Architecture for Denver Central Platte Campus (as well as for the Eastside Building, listed above).

“It’s an honor for us to have so many projects recognized this year. We are grateful to all of our design and construction team members for doing a superb job,” said Denver Branch Director Angie Huber.


MKK'€™s Denver Human Services Eastside Building Wins ACEC Excellence Award

Posted November 29, 2012 (permalink)

ACEC Colorado has awarded MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) a 2013 Engineering Excellence Award for Denver Department of Human Services Eastside Building. Stuart Monical, President and CEO of MKK stated, “This project gave us a great opportunity, not only to help repurpose an existing vacant site with a facility that serves the local community, but also provide a facility that is energy conscience as well as net-zero energy ready.”

The Denver Department of Human Services Eastside facility is a new 54,000 square foot two-story office building. MKK provided mechanical, plumbing and fire protection consulting services on this LEED-NC Gold project. The high performance mechanical system included paring of a variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system for perimeter heating and cooling with an under floor air distribution (UFAD) system for building ventilation and internal space conditioning. This hybrid mechanical system has an energy modeled savings of 40% beyond ASHRAE 90.1-2004, even with a proposed 12% increase in window area over the project baseline.

“We really enjoyed working with our client and the city to create a unique project that expanded the horizons for mechanical design,” stated

Ken Urbanek, MKK Director of Engineering and Project Manager for the Eastside Building.


MKK Opens Helena, MT Office

Posted October 19, 2012 (permalink)

MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) has expanded our Montana presence to include Helena. “We are looking forward to expanding into the western part of the state after having been in Billings for over a decade. This will enable us to serve our Montana clients better and be more competitive in the western Montana market,” stated Stuart Monical, President and CEO of MKK.

The Helena office is being headed by Chris Drake, PE. Chris is an experienced project manager and mechanical engineer who has been with MKK for seven years in our Cheyenne, WY office. “I am grateful and excited to be back home in western Montana representing MKK. We believe that the Helena area and western Montana present many opportunities for our business and look forward to serving these great communities,” stated Chris. Chris can be reached at 406.438.1467 or


MKK Opens North Dakota Office

Posted September 21, 2012 (permalink)

MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) is thrilled to announce the opening of our Dickinson, North Dakota office. This office will serve as home base for the numerous projects we are currently working on in the area, and will ultimately be staffed full-time by an engineer (we are presently in the process of recruiting a Branch Development Engineer). The office is located at 50 South 3rd Avenue West, #1008 (701.483.3422).

MKK is currently working on seven projects in North Dakota, including a hotel, restaurant, truck stop, office building, and apartment complex. “We are extremely excited to be part of the amazing growth taking place in the region. We look forward to working with the many companies in the area and becoming an integral part of the community,” noted Stuart Monical, President and CEO of MKK.

If interested in the Dickinson Branch Development Engineer position, please contact MKK’s Senior Human Resources Manager, Jaxon Seekins, at 303.796.6075 or


MKK Designs Ptolemy Data Systems Data Center

Posted September 21, 2012 (permalink)

MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) recently wrapped up design of Ptolemy Data Systems data center in Sheridan, Wyoming. The project is a secured data storage facility and is the first structure and high-tech anchor in what owners hope will become a full data park.

The facility is a structurally secured building: the data room is contained within a concrete vault, there is a biometric entry system, and a full agent-release fire suppression system (as a rule, MKK specifies Encro25 for the fire suppression system as it is an environmentally friendly gas). The 1,100 SF data center has a full generator back-up which supports a UPS distribution system and a state-of-the-art APC in-row cooling system. A second generator supports a call center, office, and life safety (fire alarm and lighting). Greg Gedney, MKK’s project manager for this facility, commented on the collaboration that went into the project: “This team uniquely blended technology, form, and architecture to create an outstanding project.”

The project has been a great success. Ryan Mulholland, President & CEO of Ptolemy Data Systems stated, “MKK was excellent to work with and I will absolutely use them for our next phase of construction. I only wish I would have consulted with MKK earlier than I did.”

Mission critical facilities differ from most standard commercial projects which are constructed and designed to meet the requirements of applicable building codes. Mission critical facilities, on the other hand, typically entail much more extensive owner expectations which often far exceed building code requirements. This is due to preferred levels of reliability, efficiency, and system redundancy.

A main necessity of a mission critical project is enhanced reliability that covers the entire system down to each individual component of the mission critical facility. One of the challenges is to design a facility anticipating all possible scenarios that can affect system performance and operation. The cost of system downtime is potentially huge compared to the cost of preventing a failure; this necessitates redundancy and complexity that is not usually encountered on other projects.

In the past three years alone, MKK has worked on over 60 mission critical projects. These include data centers and facilities in the telecommunications industry where equipment operation is a crucial aspect of their business process, as well as with clients whose 24/7 operations and data storage is critical, such as in the industrial and healthcare industries


MKK Announces Promotions and Welcomes New Employees

Posted June 18, 2012 (permalink)

MKK is happy to announce the addition of several new employees to the Greenwood Village and Cheyenne offices, as well as two promotions.

Ken Urbanek, PE, LEED AP, HPBD and Angie Huber, PE, LEED AP, have both been promoted to associate principal. Ken has been with MKK for eight years and is the director of engineering. He is a past president of the local ASHRAE chapter and sits on the Board of Governors. Angie has been with MKK 15 years and is the Denver branch director.

New hires in the Greenwood Village office include Clint Bowen (mechanical engineer), Christina Jaret (corporate marketing coordinator), Tim Lillehoff (mechanical engineer), Amanda Maul (project administrator), Todd Kielty (summer intern), and Ben Williams (summer intern). Two new additions to the Cheyenne office are Sarah Brown (mechanical engineer) and Derek Edwards (summer intern).


MKK Principal Craig Watts Presenting Tonight at the CoGEHPA Seminar

Posted March 22, 2012 (permalink)

Tonight at Lodo's Bar & Grill (1946 Market Street) from 5:30 to 7:30, the Colorado Geo Energy & Heat Pump Association (CoGEHPA) is hosting their first event of the 2012 goGeoNow SeminarSeries. This is a free seminar and will provide a variety of perspectives, design considerations, cost scenarios and performance metrics for GHP applications in commercial buildings. Seating is limited, so registration is required.

Topics covered tonight will include:

  • Why GHPs make sense for commercial buildings
  • Life cycle costs
  • Rebates, incentives and ways to offset first costs
  • How GHPs can save money for municipal facilities
  • Unique applications
  • What's new in GHP equipment
  • Integrating high performance GHPs with existing systems
  • Available tax and financial assistance
  • The simple eloquence of GHP designs


Craig Watts, MKK Consulting Engineers, Greenwood Village, CO

Robert Padgett, Engineered Mechanical Systems, Denver, CO


Announcing MKK New Hires and Employee Achievements

Posted January 27, 2012 (permalink)

MKK Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MKK) is thrilled to welcome four new employees to the Greenwood Village office, in addition to one of our associates gaining a new certification.

Kate Schmitz and Chris Fullerton joined the office in December. Kate is our new project administrator. She has over four years of experience in the construction industry as a project engineer, and holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. Chris Fullerton, LEED AP, is taking on the role of energy services manager. This is a new position within MKK. "Energy Services" encompasses engineering consulting services such as facility energy audits, re- and retro-commissioning, and energy modeling. An experienced mechanical engineer with commissioning, retro-commissioning, energy audit, and construction administration experience, Chris also commissions new construction projects. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is currently pursuing his CEM certification.

In January, Matt Campbell and Brett Nelson joined the MKK team. Matt is MKK’s new senior business development manager. He has been part of the A/E/C industry for over 12 years, and is a huge asset to the firm. Matt will work with the market leaders and director of marketing and business development to cultivate relationships with other firms in the industry. Brett Nelson brings over 25 years of building engineering and HVAC/R experience to MKK as our new commissioning agent. He studied architecture at Iowa State University, and is NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified and BOMA Systems Maintenance Administrator certified.

Aaron Zimmerman, associate and mechanical engineer at MKK, has earned a High-Performance Building Design Professional certification from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). ASHRAE’s certification program identifies individuals who have demonstrated they have the necessary training and tools for the design of high-performance buildings that live up to their performance capability. In addition to this certification, Aaron is also a LEED AP and Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP).


MKK Welcomes Our New Energy Services Manager!

Posted January 10, 2012 (permalink)

Chris Fullerton has joined MKK as our Energy Services Manager. Chris is an experienced mechanical engineer with commissioning, retro-commissioning, energy audit and construction administration experience. He has managed every level of the commissioning process and specializes in installation, programming, service, and maintenance of central plants (chillers, boilers, and pumps), cooling towers, heat pumps, air handling units, terminal units, domestic water systems, and lighting control systems. He has worked closely with a wide variety of building automation systems and technologies.

Chris has worked in the field on many large scale commissioning projects, ensuring safe conditions, inspecting product quality, verifying proper installations and programming, training owners and operations staff, integrating the scheduling of MEP and commissioning activities, improving owner relations, and optimizing the energy performance of buildings. He has overseen design and submittal reviews, documentation, construction observations, acceptance testing, O&M training, M&V implementation, and submittal of LEED documentation.

Additionally, Chris is slated to take the CEM exam (Certified Energy Manager) through the Association of Energy Engineers in January, and the PE exam (Professional Engineer) in April, 2012.


Dress for Success Denver

Posted August 22, 2011 (permalink)

MKK's Denver office recently held a clothing drive for Dress for Success Denver. The mission of Dress for Success is "to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, career tools and a network of support to help women thrive in work and in life." The clothing drive was a great success and we hope to make it a recurring event!


Denver County Jail Radiant Heating & Cooling

Posted August 04, 2011 (permalink)

Read Aaron Zimmerman's article on radiant heating and cooling in the Denver County Jail! Aaron is an associate and mechanical engineer at MKK.


MKK Project Casey Middle School Wins ENR Mountain State's Best Overall Honors in Colorado Award

Posted June 11, 2011 (permalink)

ENR Mountain States recently named Boulder's Casey Middle School as the recipient of the Best Overall Honors in Colorado award. Congratulations to the MKK team and all the firms involved in this amazing project!


Renovating Existing Healthcare Setting

Posted June 09, 2011 (permalink)

Renovating healthcare facilities poses numerous challenges. Click here to read Jason Engle's latest article (published in Colorado Real Estate Journal) dealing with this topic.


Security and the Built Environment

Posted May 03, 2011 (permalink)

Please take a look at Jeff Geiger's newest article dealing with building security.


Addressing Real World Correctional Concerns

Posted April 03, 2011 (permalink)

Jeff Geiger, security specialist at MKK, recently published his article,"Addressing Real World Correctional Concerns" in CorrectionalNews magazine's March/April 2011 issue.


MKK's Ken Urbanek Selected as Presenter at Best 3 Conference 2012

Posted March 30, 2011 (permalink)

Ken Urbanek, Director of Engineering at MKK, has been selected as a presenter at the Best 3 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia next year. The Best 3 Conference is presented by the National Institute of Building Sciences. Ken will be presenting on under-floor air distribution systems.


Conducting a Health Care Building Assessment

Posted March 16, 2011 (permalink)

"Facility Checkup: Conducting a Health Care Building Assessment" (by Debra Phillips, AIA, ACHA) is a great article featured in Health Facilities Management magazine. Check it out!


Ken Urbanek to Speak at BEST3 Conference Today in Atlanta

Posted March 12, 0004 (permalink)

MKK associate Ken Urbanek is speaking today at the Building Enclosure Science and Technology (BEST) conference today in Atlanta. The conference is put on by the National Institute of Building Sciences. Ken will be speaking on the subject of underfloor air distribution systems (UFAD). Click here for more information on the conference: BEST3.