Ken Urbaneck 2015 BW_WebThis post is the first in our National Engineers Week 2016 series.  Return all week long for new posts from other MKK Consulting Engineers’ Principals.


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering means more than plans and meetings.  Today, Ken Urbanek, MKK Consulting Engineers’ Director of Engineering kicks off 2016 National Engineers Week with his 10 Reasons Why He Loves Engineering.




1. As a good engineer you have the opportunity to be a part of making things better.


2. As a great engineer you have the opportunity to truly make a difference and change the world!


3. As an engineer you have the responsibility to make positive changes and avoid negative changes.  These responsibilities are on your shoulders.


4. As an engineer you get to create things and see them come to life!


5. As an engineer the process of creation becomes your obsession and passion; you will never be bored again!


6. As an engineer you get to work with great people who enjoy life and are team players.


7. As an engineer you can create a decent lifestyle for yourself and for your family.


8. As an engineer you have the opportunity to bring your talents anywhere in the world.


9. As an engineer you have the responsibility to be the one who is good at math when around your non-engineering friends.


10. As an engineer it is cool to be a nerd.


About Ken:  Ken Urbanek, PE, ASHRAE HBDP, LEED AP, joined MKK Consulting Engineers in 2004 and became a Principal in 2014.  As MKK’s Director of Engineering, he leads the firm’s engineering and quality control processes, and actively participates in managements functions as it relates to the engineering teams.  Ken has a broad design and construction background that includes specific expertise in high performance design solutions that provide sustainable solutions for clients. An active leader in the engineering community you can find Ken speaking on a number of engineering topics for ASHRAE and other organizations throughout the Denver Metro Area.