Andrew Byl 2015We are delighted to announce one of our newest team members, Andrew Byl, will be presenting with several colleagues at this year’s 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Orlando.

Andrew will be presenting on Wednesday, January 27 at 8am, during the session titled, “New Methods for Airflow Determination and Building Pressurization.” This session addresses various aspects of airflow control within buildings. Fire and smoke damper code requirements are summarized and helpful tips provided. Trend data are used to estimate outdoor airflow using a virtual flow meter with results validated by a case study. A comparison of building pressurization using cascade controls and conventional controls is provided and airflow uniformity through air-handling units is predicted using computational fluid dynamics software. Wind-driven roof ventilators have been used with evaporative cooling and fabric ducts to provide ventilation and thermal comfort conditions in industrial settings in hot climates.

Andrew, with two other researchers from the Montana State University Engineering School, will be presenting their paper, “Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Optimization of Airflow through an Air-Handling Unit,” to the audience.

The 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference and AHR Expo serve as similar attractions, drawing industry professionals from around the world to advance personally and professionally.  The Conference will have a fresh feel with new tracks focused on design-build practices and residential systems as well as programs that align well with current trends in HVAC&R engineering. Energy efficiency and sustainability are emphasized along with current engineering and construction practices outside of the U.S. and Canada.


About Andrew:  Andrew Byl has both Masters and Bachelors of Science degrees from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.  After graduating, Andrew worked for Lockheed Martin as a crane engineer, assisting his federal agency client in their crane maintenance program in Seattle.  Combined with his Masters research, Andrew enjoys analyzing the ability to use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as a major part of the design and optimization process for an air handling unit.  Andrew is a Junior Mechanical Engineer, based out of our Billings, Montana office and currently assists clients with energy efficient solutions.