Creating the Value of High Performance

MKK’s Innovation Lab is a team of high performance building specialists dedicated to creating value for building owners, occupants, and design teams through next generation high performance building innovation. We make buildings better – better for the environment, better for people, and better for the bottom line. We make buildings for a better future.



Your Creative Partners

MKK’s Innovation Lab helps projects achieve value through high performance by facilitating integrated design and being a creative collaborative partner.



Closing the Loop on Performance

MKK’s consulting services consider the whole life cycle of a building – its design, construction, and operation. In order to optimize the building’s life cycle performance, it’s important to start a project with measurable goals for energy, water, comfort and other key project objectives. A performance-oriented design process iteratively uses analysis to inform good design decisions that can meet the project’s performance goals. Our commissioning process ensures the design intent is met in construction and a verification process is used to measure and manage building operation toward the project’s objectives.




We call this approach MKK’s Performance Loop and our services are designed to successfully move projects through it to better performance. Some of our services include:

CommissioningDesign for Health IconBuildingRatingSystems




Your Innovation Team

The Innovation Lab team is divided into two areas of specialty – design and performance. Our High Performance Design Specialists are expert at bringing innovative sustainable design solutions and guidance to a project backed by analytics and building science. Our Building Performance Specialists and Engineers are expert at project soft landings, bridging the gap between design intent and actual operation through data-driven commissioning and post-occupancy performance services.

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