MKK is thrilled to announce that we have renewed our contract with Xcel Energy to provide Energy Design Assistance (EDA) for clients to pursue energy efficient rebates through its various programs.  This program seeks to encourage its customers to pursue energy efficiency measures above and beyond what is required by code because Xcel believes it is a truly worthwhile investment for the customer. MKK is a consulting firm built on relationships, and pursuing what is best for the client. MKK works hard to understand the needs and desires of the client, and we believe that more often than not, the energy efficient solution is what is best for the client in the long term.

Xcel Energy understands the role that economics play in the design process. The EDA process is aimed at encouraging the cost-effective investments in energy efficiency and making them even more affordable
for the customer. Cost is always a primary factor when MKK approaches design and energy modeling projects. We believe in a philosophy where you spend the client’s money as if it is your own. When assessing
different design alternatives, we strive to help the client understand the benefits of energy efficiency as well as the associated costs. Cost estimation is a daily practice here at MKK. We draw on the years of collective
industry experience, relationships with contractors, and reference material such as RS-Means to develop cost estimation for the client. Accurate cost estimations are critical to understanding the cost/benefit trade-offs for the client.

Independent of any rebate programs or LEED accreditation, MKK has long held the practice of assessing energy efficient design options early in the design process. We have investigated the energy impacts of alternative equipment selections, envelope properties, and control strategies at the early or Schematic Design phases for a variety of projects by using energy modeling tools. These simulation results help to convey to the client the importance and holistic benefits of an energy efficient approach to design. The simulation results combined with recommendations from experienced design engineers, have resulted in maximum energy savings and highly satisfied clients.

The EDA program and other rebate programs at Xcel Energy encourage building owners, architects, and engineers to pursue creative energy efficiency design solutions, including new technologies.  To find out more information about the EDA program, please read this article, or contact us directly.