MKK’s Innovation Lab is a team of high performance building specialists dedicated to advancing the future of building performance and sustainability. The next generation of high performance buildings will revolutionize new sources of value for building owners and occupants.

  • Provide lower operating costs and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce waste while creating a regenerative impact on the environment.
  • Resiliently adapt to a changing future.
  • Promote health, comfort and well-being and enhance building occupant performance.
  • Leverage actionable building data to engage occupants and provide verifiable performance.

We believe that MEP engineers play a vital role in the performance and sustainability of buildings and can do more to innovate for building performance. MKK believes in the power of visionary engineering and our Innovation Lab is an important extension of what we do. The Lab’s purpose is to provide innovative services and solutions to help design teams and building owners reach new levels of building performance and building value.

The Innovation Lab’s method is centered on research, collaboration and integration. We bring new ideas and transformational thinking to the table to accelerate innovation. We are also creative and collaborative partners that can facilitate cost effective high performance solutions. We function as the integrative glue between architects, engineers and building owners working across disciplines and connecting stakeholders to encourage deeper integration.


Innovation Lab Services v2


The Innovation Lab team is divided into two areas of specialty – design and performance. Our High Performance Design Specialists are expert at bringing innovative sustainable design solutions and guidance to a project backed by analytics and building science.  Our Building Performance Specialists are expert at project soft landings, bridging the gap between design intent and actual operation through commissioning and post-occupancy performance services. Our specialists collaborate across projects and services and specifically come together to develop a project’s performance plan at the beginning of a project.

Innovation Lab services are designed to complete the project’s performance loop, bringing a project from an initial concept with high performance objectives to a high-functioning building meeting those objectives. We enhance conventional services such as energy modeling and commissioning with a big picture view of connecting the services to the larger project goals and to provide supplemental services that fill in the gaps of the performance loop.

Contact our Performance + Innovation Design Lead, Tom Hootman at for more information about this great team.