Asking the right questions during design can lead to better design solutions. This is particularly true for energy modeling. Energy modeling is a great tool for providing answers, but if the right questions aren’t being asked of the model then the answers won’t lead to better design solutions.

Sometimes the right questions don’t lead to traditional energy models, particularly early in the design process. Daylight, natural ventilation and thermal comfort modeling are better targeted toward early design optimization of the architecture. As the design progresses the types of questions evolve, as does the modeling process to support it. MKK’s energy modeling services are divided into two areas of focus. The first focus is rapid performance modeling during concept and schematic design. The second focus is energy modeling during design development and construction documents.



We use building performance analytics to support design innovation. We know that the analysis is not enough to support performance-oriented design and that the analysis must be understood in context of the design problem and that results should be communicated clearly and visually. We believe that visual communication enhances design integration and becomes an integral part of project’s sustainability story.

Building Performance Analytics Diagram