Whether your project is an existing building renovation, a new ground-up facility, a master plan or large urban design project, having a dedicated planning process to establish sustainability goals and create a roadmap for achieving them is vital for project success.

For building projects, we can develop a Project Performance Plan with the building owner and your project team to identify high performance objectives that add the most value to the project. This goes beyond a typical OPR, or Owner’s Project Requirements, as the Project Performance Plan sets in motion the project’s sustainability story and creates a framework for achieving its vision.

For master plans and urban design projects, we can provide a comprehensive sustainable master planning service that establishes a sustainable vision for the project but also integrates high performance district systems and sustainable urban planning principles. Key components to a sustainable master plan can include energy, carbon, water, materials, resiliency, smart city and occupant well-being plans. We also provide the design and engineering of the district energy and water systems to achieve these goals.