Looking to join a high performance team of engineers, designers, and innovators?  Want to know what our talent management team is thinking before you submit an application?  Get inside the minds of our recruitment specialists as they share their Top Ten Tips for Landing an Interview.

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    1. Your application is a reflection of you.
      We are looking for a complete application. Please refrain from writing, “see resume,” or skipping entire sections, including job history.  This is a reflection of your attention to detail and how well you can follow directions.  From a practical standpoint, though, as recruiters, we can’t pass along an incomplete application to the hiring manager.  You could be “the one we’re looking for,” and they may never get that chance to know you because you forgot to fill in a whole section.  Oops!


    1. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s.
      Don’t forget to thoroughly review your application for grammatical errors and correct info.  Take those extra few minutes before clicking “send.”  It makes a difference and could be that extra something we’re looking for in the initial review.


    1. Are you the same person in both places?
      Ensure your application and resume match. We question accuracy when the application and resume state different information. If you list a company on one, but not the other, that looks a little funny to us.  If you recently got married and forgot to change your maiden name that shows you gave us an old resume.


    1. Our questions matter to us – no really!
      We really want to get to know you. Every question on the application, no matter how in depth it may seem to you, is really important to us.  Please don’t leave any blank.  Try to answer them to the best of your ability.


    1. Honesty is the best policy.
      You may have had to leave a position due to a downsizing or reduction in force.  The recession happened – we get it.  Please be honest in the “reason for leaving” section of the application. We all leave a job for one reason or another.  Own it.


    1. We have our limits, though.
      Our insurance will not support employees with a DUI in the last 5 years. It is better to let us know ahead of time, rather than discovering it on the Motor Vehicle Record pre-employment screening.


    1. What kind of work do you do?
      Just like at a cocktail party, we want to know all about what you did. Not just the elevator speech, basic info. Give us the in depth, precise job description so we can see if you are a match.  If you were in a different industry, that’s ok.  This gives us a peek into your daily work and how it fits into ours.


    1. Brag about yourself.
      We are looking for rock stars and innovators. They are change agents who could have improved processes or won awards.  This is the opportunity to tell us about challenges and opportunities and problems you solved.  Let us know how you fit into our high performance model of consulting.


    1. Resumes tell the full story.
      While the application answers many of our questions, the resume helps us see you as a true professional.  Resumes provide an opportunity to brag about yourself (see #8), expand on your technical skills, awards, and additional professional development.  Before you include one, have a colleague look it over.  Accuracy counts!


    1. We want you to submit your application.
      All applicants should submit their application directly to careers@mkkeng.com. You may have a friend of a friend who works for us, and there is a place on the application to list their names (please do), but always submit your resume through our direct email address.  That way, you know we received it.


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