green schoolsUSGBC Colorado Green Schools Summit
Integrating Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in High Performance Schools

Craig Watts, together with Colorado Springs School District 11’s Neil Case and Major Engineering’s Jack Major will present “Integrating Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in High Performance Schools” at this year’s USGBC Colorado Green Schools Summit on November 8, 2013. The 7th Annual Green Schools Summit provides a unique opportunity for open dialogue between K-12 stakeholders, policy makers, and the green building industry professionals. This session on geothermal heating and cooling systems in schools provides will highlight the benefits and fundamental elements that must be considered when evaluating this option for schools. In fact, over 40 academic institutions across the state, from elementary schools to universities, use GHC and the number grows each year. Case studies will validate the economic and environmental value of this renewable thermal energy HVAC technology.

Join Craig, Neil and Jack at this session at 1:15pm on Friday, November 8. To view more information about this session, or for further information about this conference, please visit the USGBC Colorado website.