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DENVER (MainStreet) – As Colorado celebrates its first year of legal weed that fueled a construction and real estate boom, industry leaders predict that 2015 will be a year that other states look to the state for expertise in everything from banking to energy consumption as the industry grapples with growing pains.

Ganjapreneurs in Colorado — the first state to legalize weed for recreational use — boast valuable expertise and will expand their work to other recreational markets coming online such as Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Alaska. These players will position themselves as industry names.

Making better use of new technology, particularly as it relates to energy consumption, will be critical to the cannabis industry in the coming year. LED lighting will gain more acceptance as the technology evolves and interest in reducing energy consumption increases.

“We have been waiting for this technology to prove itself with yields comparable to, or better than, traditional HPS lighting and the results seem to be coming in,” said Nathan Mendel of Your Green Contractor Inc. “We expect to see large-scale changes to these fixtures so growers can capitalize on the significant energy savings and cooling reductions available.”